Tributary Pool Information

Your community pools are for residents and accompanied guests ONLY. Smoking is PROHIBITED within the gated pool area. This is in accordance with the Georgia Smoke free Air Act of 2005, Section 31-12A-7. Please observe these and other posted rules for an enjoyable pool season!

  1. Pools open May 17, 2019 and close September 21, 2019.
  2. There will be lifeguards on duty, week-ends only, 11 am - 6 pm. All other days are swim at your own risk.
  3. All children under 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older). Parents are encouraged NOT to allow their children under the age of 18 to use the pool unless accompanied by an adult. A babysitter or guardian is defined as a person at least 18 years of age that is not a parent or sibling, and who has the parent's written permission to bring their children to the pool. We require that you forward a copy of this letter to to include the name of the children and phone number of the parents in case of an emergency. It should be signed and dated by at least one of the parents. The babysitter/guardian must stay with the children AT ALL TIMES.
  4. Children who are not quite potty-trained are required to wear disposable swim diapers as well as a close fitting reusable swim diaper. REPORT A CONTAMINATION IMMEDIATELY TO (678) 213-2547.
  5. No glass containers are permitted inside the fenced-in pool area.
  6. You may not bring your own grill inside the fenced-in pool area.
  7. No animals are permitted inside the fenced-in pool area. This includes the playground and inside the Activity Center building.
  8. There should be no running, boisterous or rough play. NO DIVING.
  9. Persons with skin, eye, ear or respiratory infections as well as diarrhea or nausea should NOT enter the pool.
  10. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted within the fenced-in pool area.
  11. No gum, food or drinks are to be brought into the pool. Food is allowed in the patio area.
  12. Lifeguard stands/chairs are OFF LIMITS.
  13. Residents must accompany their guests at all times at the pool. Residents are responsible and liable for any damages caused by their guests.
  14. Pool parties MUST BE ARRANGED THROUGH BLAUGHLIN@TRIBUTARYGA.COM, or by submitting this formNo Exceptions.

If at any time a person is found to be posing a significant health or safety risk to other swimmers, pool privileges may be suspended immediately and for the remainder of the pool season.