Tributary Tennis Information & Court Reservations

Court Reservations

Tennis court reservations can be made through

Rules and Regulations

To assure maximum enjoyment and utilization of the Tributary Tennis Center by residents, guests and members, the following rules and regulations will be observed at all times. It is hoped that the pride all residents take in our tennis facility will make every experience an enjoyable one!

Hours of Operation

Tennis courts are open from 7 am - 11 pm daily.
The Tennis Center main gate can only be accessed using a Resident Amenity Access Card. Each court may also be accessed with your Resident Amenity Access Card.

Court Lights

Court lights are located on the right side of the Tennis Center building and are labeled according to court number. Please allow up to five (5) minutes for the lights to fully illuminate. After play, please extinguish lights prior to leaving the court area. Lights are timed to turn off at 11 pm when courts close.

General Rules

Residents of Tributary and their respected guests and Tennis Members shall have access to the Tributary Tennis Center in all its capacity.

  1. All players shall be dressed in appropriate attire, which includes: shirts, tennis shoes, shorts or warm-up suits. These items must be worn at all times. Inappropriate attire includes sports bras without covered shirt, cutoffs, swim wear and T-shirts displaying profanity. Hard and/or black-soled shoes are restricted from tennis courts.
  2. The rules established by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) will be strictly followed and adhered to by all players at all times.
  3. Smoking inside the Tennis Center building or tennis court areas shall not be permitted to ensure courtesy for all residents and their guests.
  4. No food or beverages, other than water, will be permitted on the playing surfaces.
  5. No pets are permitted inside the Tennis Center gated area or courts.
  6. Glass containers are not allowed in court areas.
  7. Players shall refrain from profanity and other loud noises while on the tennis courts.
  8. Throwing of racquets and destruction of Tennis Center property is strictly prohibited.
  9. No furniture, other than benches already provided will be allowed on the playing surfaces.
  10. Tributary has several ALTA teams that play. Contact the head of the Tennis Club: Jim Favret at
  11. Tennis Coach Jewel Peterson is our resident coach. Read her bio here: 


Residents may invite guests to play while the Tennis Center is open.